Monday, 8 August 2016

Revit 2017 SP2 Released

Autodesk have released Service Pack 2 for Revit 2017. Check your Autodesk Desktop App or you can download the service pack from HERERelease notes are HERE.

I think it has been a relatively short period between service packs. SP1 was released in early June. I am thinking we may see more service packs in the coming months as well as the usual 'Release 2' updates Autodesk have been doing for the past few years for subscription customers. 

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Revit Ideas Forum

If you haven't already heard, back in May this year, at the Revit Technology Conference, Autodesk made an announcement regarding the new 'Revit Ideas Forum'. Essentially an official Autodesk space for everyone to post their product feature wishes! 

As expected, there are plenty of wishes being posted. As ideas gather support, Autodesk have recently marked a number of ideas as "Under Review", due to their popularity. As of today, the ideas marked are:

  • **"OR" function in filter rules
  • PDF linking support
  • **Dual monitor support
  • **Double patterns
  • Separate family browser
  • Sloped walls functionality
  • Ability to sort schedules in project browser
  • Topography improvements
  • Ability to create blank tables
  • Auto spell check
  • Improved stair functionality and control
  • Shared parameters in key schedules
  • Non-rectangular scope boxes
  • Improved view placement on sheets
  • Spell check in schedules
  • Autodesk Revit Viewer improvements
  • **Multiple selections in dialog boxes (such as filters)
  • Worksets in templates
Not a bad list so far. I have posted a couple of my own as well, (3D measuring, wall type reporting in doors & improved warnings dialog) so head over and vote or make a wish! 

In the forum, Autodesk have provided some options to filter the ideas, to make it easy to see all those under review. I noticed "Implemented" is one of those options. Obviously, as this is all fairly new, there aren't any currently marked as implemented, but no doubt Autodesk will be looking to change that fairly soon! I am quietly confident we can expect to see some of the above possibly as soon as 2018 release. Fingers crossed!! 

Update 17/08/2016
**As of this week, Autodesk have started marking ideas as 'Accepted' and added the idea to their 'road map'. Woo!! I have therefore updated the list above with asterisks for items marked as 'Accepted' at the time of writing.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Revit 2017 - Text Justification

I have written a couple of posts now about the text issues in Revit 2017. I highlighted HERE, some of the areas to watch out for when upgrading and some problems I had with my families.

With service pack 1 for Revit 2017 released and semester 2 teaching commencing this week, I thought I would finally get around to upgrading a couple of my 'sample' projects I use on a regular basis for training. This would also prompt me to start fixing all my annotation families that are being affected by the 2017 update to text. 

First up was the window tag & I immediately came across some interesting behaviour. The 'W' character in my window tags is plain text & the number is a standard label. Due to the upgrade, the 'W' character was shifting down and slightly to the right. So this is what I went to fix.

This text is center justified, it's not justified left or right. In Revit 2016, shifting the text box toggles left and right, has no effect on the position of the character. 

In Revit 2017, it moves to the right! For many of my families, this is what is causing the letters to shift horizontally, as my text boxes are quite tight around the letter.

I tested this theory by opening a Revit 2016 family and increasing the size of my text box to give the letter room to "grow". Then I upgraded it in Revit 2017 and it did not shift horizontally. 

So, is this a glitch? I would say so. I can't think of a reason why you would make a deliberate change in behaviour such as this. It is worth pointing out that you are very unlikely to come across this particular problem with slabs of text that are center justified because, well, you wouldn't reduce your text box to the width of a single character for text notes, unless of course you wanted vertically running text. This was only made obvious to me, because I was dealing with a single character in a family. I am not suggesting this is affecting center justified notes in a drawing.

I have posted in the forums and sent it to Autodesk regardless, as I am curious about the response to this unusual behaviour.

You can watch this behaviour in the following video. I have placed a reference plane through the centre of the character so the move can be seen more clearly.

It is worth noting I have installed Service Pack 1. 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Revit 2017 SP1 Released (Some Text Issues Resolved)

Autodesk have released Service Pack 1 for Revit 2017. Check your Autodesk Desktop App or you can download the service pack from HERE. 

If you have been experiencing text issues as described in this Autodesk forum discussion, then this pack sounds like it will address those issues. The "Reported Issues Resolved" document can be found HERE

I installed the update and the steel connections 'No Matches' error mentioned in my last post, appears to still be an issue. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Revit Structural Connection Families 'No Matches'

The structural connection families in Revit 2017 aren't playing nice. There is a thread running on the Autodesk forum at the moment HERE, highlighting the issue. 

The problem appears to be with the component list from the type selector. Structural connection families appear in this list amongst other components in the project such as trees & desks. However, if a structural connection was the last component you placed, then when you go to select a new family later, the list displays 'No Matches'.

At the moment, the only way to fix this, is to select a component other than a steel connection family, right click and select 'Create Similar'. It will now display all the components in the list. 

As long as a Steel Connection family was not the last component you placed, you will not notice this problem. 

It seems this has been reported*, so this will either be in Service pack 1, which I hear is due very soon or we will have to wait for SP2 for a fix. 

I have demonstrated the problem in the following video. 

*Update: Autodesk have setup the following Knowledge Network link HERE.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Creating a Helix in Revit Using Stairs

Revit doesn't have a helix tool. Why not? For many years now, I have seen a number of different ways to create a helix or spiral in Revit. Zach Kron at Buildz posted back in 2010 using families. HyunnWoo Kim posted in 2013 using adaptive components. I even posted about it myself in 2014 with a very basic method here.

The problem with all of these methods is I don't find them to be very straightforward. The other day I saw a question posted on the forums about how to create a helix and it got me thinking again if there was a better way to do this. (Dynamo was the obvious choice, but we'll come back to that).

So I asked myself, is there any other tool or object in Revit that creates a spiral or helix form? That's when spiral stairs popped into my head! So I opened up Revit and started to play, and this is what I came up with.

Dynamo is also another way you could go about creating a helix & spiral forms in Revit. HyunnWoo Kim posted again in 2015 and created a great video demonstrating the method.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Upgrading to Revit 2017 - Text Issues in Detail

Last month I posted about my personal experience trialing a model upgrade to Revit 2017, to see what effect the latest text updates by Autodesk will have.

I came across a blog post this morning by Ben Bishoff at Ideate Software who has gone into more detail & comparison of these text updates. I thought it was a good article because it gave me a clearer picture of what exactly is happening to the text and how it is moving. (I also happen to use the calibri font used in his example). You can find the post HERE