Sunday, 8 October 2017

More Revit Ideas...

I recently updated 'My Revit Ideas' with a couple of ideas that have bugged me about Revit for a while now. I was surprised I couldn't find any similar ideas, so I posted them. 

Two in particular have had steady voting since I posted them, so I thought it might be worth mentioning them here and perhaps give them an extra boost! 

'Create Similar' for Symbolic & Model Lines (in families)
Make 'Create Similar' functionality available in families for Symbolic & Model Lines. 

View Name Bold under Sheet Names (when activated)
View Names (when activated) should be 
bold text under sheets as well. 

Other ideas... 
Area Scheme displayed in Area Schedules
To be able to easily identify which Area Scheme an Area Schedule belongs to.

'Place an Image' Button (for previously loaded images)
We need a 'Place Image' button somewhere within the UI. 
We currently cannot place an image previously loaded into the project unless we find the image first and copy.  

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Browser Sorting, View Templates & Dependent Views - Resolved.

Waaaaaayyyy back, in the Spring of November, 2014 I wrote this post about the discovery of a problem with dependent views and view templates not updating parameters. 

In summary, if you applied a view template to a view and subsequently created a dependent view afterwards, changing a custom text parameter via the view template would result in the value updating in the the parent view, but not in the dependent view.

Dependent View not updating custom project parameter

I am pleased to report that a test on Revit 2018.1 today seems to demonstrate this problem as resolved! 

Finally! Now we can confidently make changes to things like browser sorting without 'left over' parameter values hanging around. 

Unfortunately though, it doesn't seem like a fix ever made it to Revit 2016 or 2017, which a number of users are still on. If you are curious, to replicate the problem, follow the below steps:
  1. Open a blank architecture template
  2. Create a text project parameter for the 'views' category (eg: For browser sorting)
  3. Apply a view template to your ground floor & type a value in the new parameter.
  4. Now create a dependent view of the ground floor
  5. Check the parameter for each view... they will match
  6. Go to view templates and change the value for the custom parameter, click apply
  7. The parent view will report the new parameter, the dependent view does not.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Everyday Dynamo Tip - ESC Key

Here is a great little Dynamo tip I learnt recently. 

If you hold down the ESC key while in Dynamo, it activates the background!

Nice, quick & easy. I like it! 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Revit Roadmap Update (+ Updates to my Revit Ideas)

A few days ago Autodesk posted an update to the Revit Roadmap, some minor changes, but this latest one seems to just promote how many ideas they implemented into Revit 2018.1. (They have also relocated the roadmap to the Revit Blog). To go with this, it seems, Autodesk did some spring cleaning of the Revit Ideas as well.

The downside, a few of my Revit Ideas and ones I have supported and really wanted to see implemented, have been archived. Damn. 

If you are interested, a few months ago I gathered many of Revit ideas into one location so I could keep better track of them. I have updated the post here... 'My Revit Ideas'

The Revit Ideas forum has slowly grown out of control. It was good to begin with, as major problems users have been complaining about for years were generally posted first and got the votes they needed to put Autodesk into action (for some anyway). Although, that being said, some ideas I have supported, also recently got put in the "blackhole bin" (aka archvied). 

This idea relating to materials and wall sweeps, which has been complained about since 2009 (as far as I could find) has been culled and more surprisingly this idea relating to edit profiles via the type properties has also been binned. Not even marked as future consideration? I don't get it, Autodesk just gave us a subtle improvement to stairs in Revit 2017.1, and you can now access the properties of the top rail via the stair type properties. So wouldn't access to the type properties of profiles, which are within so many Revit components, be the next logical improvement?

Unfortunately, at this point, there are more ideas being assigned as 'archived' than any other status.

Meanwhile... 162 votes and counting... 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Revit 'Course Detail Level' for Structural Components

Something that can often catch new users out is the structural steel components in the default Revit library. 

There are so many visibility options in Revit, but when it comes to families, aside from the typical project visibility issues, often the settings in the family itself are overlooked. 

If we take the above example using the structural steel components, most of these families have been built with the course detail tick box turned off under 'family element visibility settings'. 

The families will instead display thick lines at this detail level. If you have ever seen structural engineering sections, you will notice this display. 

Personally, for my Architectural drawings, I have never had a need for either of these settings but I know structural engineers use them all the time. I have simply made a copy of this library content and modified each of the families for use in our projects. 

Tip! Something else to be mindful of with the structural families, particularly the SHS or RHS members. These components have 2 extrusions within the family.
You will notice one extrusion with filleted edges (this is on fine detail level) and another extrusion in the same place with a hard edge, (this is on the medium detail level). Occasionally I find this causes issues with dimensions or using the measure tool as Revit can't find the face in fine detail level. Changing to medium detail level always fixes the problem as you can now find the 'edge' of the element. Something to keep in mind for next time!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Revit Convert Lines Greyed Out

I had something unusual happen to me today. I was working in a family and wanted to convert some model lines to symbolic lines. The problem was, the 'convert lines' button was greyed out, so Revit wouldn't allow me to convert the lines. (I couldn't get it to grey out again though, more below, but this is the button I am referring too).

After a bit of head scratching, I realised it was simply because Revit wasn't detecting a work plane to drop the line onto once converted. 

In writing this blog, I thought I would try and replicate the issue in a new family...except, I couldn't.
I tried removing reference plane names, deleting previous work planes and I even successfully got the Revit workplane to report <not associated>, yet I couldn't get the 'Convert Lines' button to grey out again. Weird. 

If I work out a way, or find something on the forums I will update the post, but for now it seems like one of those rare events. At least now I know what the fix is.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Enscape 2.0 Released!

Enscape 2.0 was released a few days ago! Some fantastic new tools to play with. 
Checkout the latest blog post and version update details here!